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    Practice coding with Java. Code Clinic is a series of courses that solve the same problems using different programming languages. It gives developers a chance to experiment with new platforms and compare their strengths. Here, Carlos Rivas takes you through six different challenges and provides an overview of his solutions in Java. Challenges cover topics such as statistical analysis, geolocation, facial recognition, and accessing peripheral devices. Each lesson provides practical skills, valuable design patterns, and code snippets you can use in your own projects.

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      Carlos Rivas

      Cloud Architect at Technologent

      Carlos Rivas is an AWS infrastructure expert.

      Carlos is a senior solutions architect at Infiniti Consulting where he helps California community colleges move their traditional data centers to the cloud.

      Over the course of his career he has worked for several large telecommunication providers managing and configuring network devices using numerous tools and languages, including Java, Groovy, Python, Perl, and PHP.

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    - [Carlos] Hello and welcome to the Code Clinic for Java. My name is Carlos, I'm really looking forward to showing you my solutions for the challenges proposed to the Code Clinic authors. In this series, we'll explore creative and efficient ways to use Java to solve a range of problems. I'll describe some of the unique aspects of working with Java and offer suggestions on how to improve your code. If you're new to programming or if you're a seasoned programmer this series of videos will be beneficial to you. Showing you how to effectively use the Java programming language in real world solutions. After watching each solution, you'll come away with patterns for writing Java programs as well as reusable code that you can use in your own projects. If you search our library for Code Clinic, you'll find additional courses by different authors, using other languages. Each Code Clinic author solves the exact same set of problems so you can compare different solutions as well as the pros and…

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