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Cloud Computing Careers and Certifications: First Steps


From the course: Cloud Computing Careers and Certifications: First Steps

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    Do you want to start a career in cloud computing, but don't know where to begin? If so, this course can help by providing an ideal foundational mapping of the career paths and certifications that IT professionals should consider if they're interested in transitioning to cloud computing. Instructor and cloud architect Lynn Langit covers a variety of career paths, including IT pro, developer, analyst, and architect roles. Throughout the course, she focuses on the major cloud platforms—AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Alibaba—discusses certifications available for each, and explores the future of cloud computing careers.


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      Lynn Langit

      CEO Lynn Langit Consulting LLC

      Lynn Langit is a cloud architect who works with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

      Lynn specializes in big data projects. She has worked with AWS Athena, Aurora, Redshift, Kinesis, and the IoT. She has also done production work with Databricks for Apache Spark and Google Cloud Dataproc, Bigtable, BigQuery, and Cloud Spanner.

      Lynn is also the cofounder of Teaching Kids Programming. She has spoken on data and cloud technologies in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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  • Moving towards the cloud

    - [Instructor] In the area of networking, a large amount of the skills that you've used on-premise in managing and setting up your networks will directly transfer, in my experience, to cloud-based activities. Specifically, understanding how to plan and implement VPNs, or virtual private networks running on public cloud services is a key skill that have engaged with a large number of IT pros and had a lot of success on. Ancillary skills include cloud-based subnetting, so setting up IP addressing appropriately for whatever type of network configuration, again commonly a VPN, particularly in enterprise configurations. A new area is cloud-based, not only IPv4, but also now IPv6 address allocation. Many teams that I've worked on have failed to bring in a person who understands this properly, maybe assigning these types of tasks to developers, for example, or even analysts. And I've seen some unfortunate security problems because of the lack of understanding of the importance of key network…

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