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Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text

Understanding common etiquette practices in text message content

From the course: Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text

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    Phone, email, or text? Learn what communication method to use when. Suzanna Kaye starts with email, explaining everything from setting up signatures to striking the right tone. She also explains how to best use autoresponders, acknowledge receipt of an email, and follow up on unanswered email. The lessons help viewers evaluate their own email communications, ensuring that the recipients won't misinterpret them in any way.

    Next up is text etiquette, including what and what not to say in a text message. Suzanna then looks at common business communications like letters, requests for payment, and thank-yous, and how to make action items communicate the right level of urgency.

    Finally, the course covers phone etiquette, including proper greetings, voicemails, out-of-office messages, and essential phone behavior.


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      Suzanna Kaye

      Organizing & Productivity Coach & Online Educator, LinkedIn Learning ( Author

      Suzanna Kaye is a professional organizer and productivity expert.

      Specializing in chronic disorganization, ADD, and disabilities, she brings to each client the knowledge of simplifying even the most difficult tasks. She has been a professional organizer since 2006, and comes from a background in business, finance, and education, with previous corporate positions including CFO, managing director, and teacher.

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    - Unlike letters and even email, texting in business is a relatively new method of communication. Therefore the standards for etiquette are still being determined. That being said, there are some basic etiquette standards that are agreed upon and some guidelines for etiquette that are recommended. Text messaging is the most casual and familiar form of communication in business today. This is a new element so not all contacts will feel comfortable using text messaging for business purposes. Always check with your contact first before using text as a form of business communication. Also, determine how casual your relationship is in order to decide how formal your text messages should be. Texting is intended for short messages. Some phones cut longer text messages into multiple parts and they might not place them in the correct order so a longer message may become confusing to the recipient. Anything longer than a few sentences is probably best sent by an email or conveyed with a phone…

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