Data Analytics for Business Professionals

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    What can data analytics do for your business? Take a lesson from companies like Xerox and UPS. Data analytics can help cut costs, speed up delivery, generate forecasts, and make better decisions. In this introductory overview, economist and author John Johnson shows leaders and executives how to use analytics to make data-driven decisions and gain competitive advantage. First, see examples of real-life analytics in action. Then explore the differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and find out how to formulate questions—a process that can be almost as revealing as finding the answers. John then shows how to collect, clean, and aggregate data from different sources across your organization, and identify when data is flawed. Then learn how to plan and deploy an analytics strategy for your business, starting with a variety of simple techniques: averages, sampling, cherry picking, forecasting, and correlation and causality. Finally, John closes with some resources and next steps to advance your analytics knowledge.


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      John Johnson

      John H. Johnson is a professional economist, expert witness, author, and speaker.

      As president and CEO of Edgeworth Economics, he provides premier economic consulting services to clients around the world. Dr. Johnson is known internationally for his ability to explain highly sophisticated concepts in a simple, straightforward manner and brings this skill to his consulting, writing, and speaking. At Edgeworth, Dr. Johnson provides consulting and expert testimony for Fortune 100 clients, trade groups, and government agencies. In his litigation work, he guides companies and outside counsel on the appropriate use and interpretation of complex data sets, and has served as an expert witness in some of today's most high-stakes corporate lawsuits. On the business analytics side, Dr. Johnson helps companies translate their complex internal data sets into strategic, actionable information across a variety of business settings including human resources, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and business intelligence. Both aspects share the need to understand—and properly apply—large, complex sets of data. He applies this same skill to his writing and speaking, where he helps audiences avoid the most common pitfalls people make when confronted with data, so they can become more confident and discerning consumers of data and make better decisions in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Johnson is a frequent presenter on economic topics and the use of data, and co-author of EVERYDATA™: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day. He has also authored numerous papers across his areas of expertise. Dr. Johnson received a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA in economics with Highest Distinction from the University of Rochester.

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    - According to IBM, 90% of the data that existed in 2016 was created in 2015. Many data analysts believe that the digital universe will be approximately 40 times larger by 2020. Given this astounding prediction, firms that compare data analytics with business acumen can gain a true competitive advantage, responding to their business challenges more quickly, more rigorously, and more successfully than their competitors. Hello, my name is Dr. John Johnson, president and CEO of Edgeworth Economics. Welcome to my introductory course designed for business leaders, managers, and executives who must make data-driven decisions every day. The goal is to give you the tools to become smarter and more discerning in your approach to data. I will first teach you basic statistical concepts that will help you better understand your data. Then I'll show you how to ask the right questions and think about the data you might need to answer those questions. In the remainder of the course we will tackle…

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