Business Analytics Foundations: Predictive, Prescriptive, and Experimental Analytics

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    Business analytics encompasses a set of tools, technologies, processes, and best practices that are required to derive knowledge from data. It's an iterative and methodical exploration of data to derive insights from it—and, in turn, make smarter, more strategic decisions that are grounded in facts. In this course, learn about the stages in business analytics that are used to predict and build the future—predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and experimental analytics. This course dives into each stage, discussing the tools and techniques used for each, as well as best practices leveraged in the field. In addition, the course lends a real-world context to these concepts by using a use case to demonstrate how to execute analytics in each stage.


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      Kumaran Ponnambalam

      AI / Big Data Leader & Author

      Kumaran Ponnambalam has been working with data for more than 20 years.

      He has built enterprise and cloud applications that ingest data to produce meaningful insights for its consumers. Data has always intrigued Kumaran and he has always searched for ways to mine, manage, and master it. Using analytics to solve business problems is his key interest domain. Of late, he has taken a keen interest in building quality courses for people to understand and use data. Big data analytics is fast growing, but quality education, especially in application areas, is lacking and he wants to contribute to it.

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    - [Instructor] My name is Kumaran Ponnambalam. Welcome to this Business Analytics Foundations course, covering Predictive, Prescriptive, and Experimental Analytics. Business analytics is a field of technology which is gaining an increasing role in driving businesses. This course is an introductory overview to business analytics. I will start off by giving you basic definitions, distinctions and the process of business analytics. Then I will cover the last three stages in business analytics dealing with predicting the future and improving businesses. Namely, predictive, prescriptive and experimental analytics. For each stage I will explore definitions, process, tools and techniques and best practices. I will use an email campaign use case throughout the course to show you how analytics is executed in each of the stages. I hope this course helps you to apply the use cases learned in your business to acquire and keep your customers.

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