Building Rapport with Customers

Course by: Myra Golden
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    Want to set yourself up for success each time you interact with a customer? Take steps to establish a genuine, human connection with the person you're speaking with. In this course, instructor Myra Golden helps customer service reps accomplish this by stepping through how to establish rapport within the first few seconds of a customer service interaction. Myra shares simple techniques that can help you kick off a conversation in a way that makes your customers feel respected, listened to, and at ease. Learn how to keep the conversation flowing by yielding to customers and pacing their words and expressions. Plus, discover techniques that can help you build rapport in specific situations, including chat interactions, emails, and circumstances in which you need to deliver bad news.


    • Myra Golden

      Myra Golden

      Customized Engaging Customer Service Training and Author at LinkedIn Learning
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      Myra Golden is an author, trainer, and keynote speaker.

      For over 20 years, Myra has been helping companies improve the customer experience through her customer service training workshops. She has a master's degree in human relations and a bachelor's degree in psychology, helping her to understand the challenges of developing the best customer experience as it relates to the psychology of the employees.

      Myra has helped McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Michelin, Frito-Lay, Vera Bradley and many others improve the customer experience through her training. She was named one of the top 10 customer service bloggers by Huffington Post, and she is the co-author of Beyond WOW: Defining A New Level of Customer Service.

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  • Does rapport really matter?

    - You don't see them, but there are three other people in the room with me. Before we turned on the lights and cameras, we spent some time chatting, just getting to know each other. And that casual interaction, hopefully, helps me to be more relaxed in front of the camera. I do the same thing in my workshops. I arrive at least 45 minutes before we start so I can meet and talk to the people who will be spending several hours with me. Now, I didn't always do this. In the past, I'd hide out in the back of the room and only go up after I was introduced. But I've realized that talking to my audience before the training starts helps me to connect with them before I ask them to trust me by putting their learning in my hands. It makes me more comfortable and likable, and the training goes a lot smoother because of it. And guess what? It's the same with customers. My name is Myra Golden, and for more than 20 years, through my workshops, I've helped customer service professionals just like you…

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