Building iOS Apps with AWS Mobile

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    Many of today's iOS apps rely on cloud services for features like authentication, database integration, and file storage. AWS Mobile can deliver all of these features and more, while avoiding the need for actual server-side development. In this project-based course, instructor Bear Cahill shows how to get started with AWS Mobile for iOS. He covers the basics of user authentication with Amazon, Facebook, and Google; database storage for user data; and file storage for binary data. Follow along step by step to learn how to configure the AWS console, create your Xcode project, and write the Swift code to integrate AWS Mobile into your app.


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      Bear Cahill

      Lead Mobile Developer/President @

      • Bear Cahill is a freelance mobile application developer who has worked on over 100 iOS and Android apps.

        In 2008, Bear founded Brainwash Inc., a mobile app development company in Dallas, Texas. Brainwash has developed apps using a variety of technologies, including Core Data, MapKit, StoreKit, Core Location, and other frameworks for email, address book access, audio recording and playback, iPod access, SMS functionality, and more. The company also provides server-side development (Linux-based Ruby on Rails and MySQL). Clients include Escort/Cobra Radar, ATV Escape, Mobiata, AppCubby, AppNoose, Trey Weir Media, IRCO, Ramquest, Semaphore Mobile, and more.

        Bear is also a published author and experienced iOS instructor. Manning Publications Co. published his book iOS in Practice in 2012. He has taught courses for Accelerate and LinkedIn Learning, and has spoken about iOS development at conferences and to outlets such as the Dallas Morning News and CBS MoneyWatch.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Client server side with zero coding

    - [Bear] I'm Bear Cahill, a freelance mobile app developer. Server side features like user log-in, database storage, and file upload and download are common for many apps and websites these days. What if I told you that you could add these features to your project for free with little work and no coding on the server? Sounds good, huh? AWS can provide that, and we'll see how in this course. It can even provide you with some of the code you'll need for your client project. We'll be using an IOS project as our client app. And in this course, we'll look at end-to-end steps to handle these common server-side needs. From configuration on the AWS console to Xcode project needs, to specific swift code to write. We'll see it all for authentication, database operations, and online file storage. I need these types of online features often, and I'm happy to show you, step-by-step, how you can add them too with AWS. Join me, and together we'll take the mystery out of integrating AWS Mobile hub…

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