Big Data in the Age of AI

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    The hype about big data may have peaked several years ago, but big data is far from gone. Instead it forms the foundation for some of today's most exciting technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science rely on big data, or data that—by virtue of its velocity, volume, or variety—can't be easily stored or analyzed with traditional methods. In this nontechnical course, Barton Poulson digs into the topic of big data, explaining how it works and shapes our modern data universe. Barton explains big data's relationship to AI, data science, social media, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He goes over some of the ethical issues behind the use of big data. Plus, he covers techniques involved in analyzing big data, including data mining and predictive analytics.


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      Barton Poulson founder & data do-gooder

      Barton Poulson is a professor, designer, and data analytics expert.

      Barton has bridged the analytic and aesthetic for most of his life, with a background in industrial design, a Ph.D. in social and personality psychology, and a deep love for data analysis and data visualization as well as the visual and performing arts. Bart is an associate professor of psychology at Utah Valley University and has studied at Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, and the City University of New York. In his role as a teacher of research and analysis, he has conducted hundreds of studies with his students on topics from social identity and aspirations to implicit preferences for poetry and architecture. Bart and his wife, Jacque Lynn Bell, a modern dance choreographer, live with their three children in beautiful Salt Lake City.

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  • How big data shapes AI

    - [Barton] 10 years ago, we were deep in the big data revolution when the volume, the velocity, and the variety of data completely overwhelmed the systems used to store, manipulate, and analyze that data. Now we're in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution, but it's important to remember that big data hasn't gone away or become irrelevant. Rather, big data has become the new normal. It's everywhere and in fact, it's big data that makes artificial intelligence possible. I'm Barton Poulson and in this course we'll explore the ways that big data has developed in parallel with social media and the internet of things. We'll see how it's added unexpected value to enterprising analytics by improving business strategy and customer interactions. We'll introduce some of the common approaches to analyzing big data and evolving methods for implementing its insights. We'll see how big data relates to data science and…

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