Apache Flink: Batch Mode Data Engineering

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    Data engineering is the foundation for enabling analytics and data science applications in the world of big data. It requires building scalable data processing pipelines and delivering them in short time frames. Apache Flink, the powerful and popular stream-processing platform, was designed to help you achieve these goals. In this course, join Kumaran Ponnambalam as he focuses on how to build batch mode data pipelines with Apache Flink. Kumaran kicks off the course by reviewing the features and architecture of Apache Flink. He then takes a deeper look at the DataSet API and explores various capabilities available for transforming, aggregating, and combining data. To wrap up the course, he presents a use case project that allows you to leverage your new skills.


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      Kumaran Ponnambalam

      Big Data / AI / Data Science Leader & Author

      • Kumaran Ponnambalam has been working with data for more than 20 years.

        He has built enterprise and cloud applications that ingest data to produce meaningful insights for its consumers. Data has always intrigued Kumaran and he has always searched for ways to mine, manage, and master it. Using analytics to solve business problems is his key interest domain. Of late, he has taken a keen interest in building quality courses for people to understand and use data. Big data analytics is fast growing, but quality education, especially in application areas, is lacking and he wants to contribute to it.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Batch mode engineering

    - [Instructor] Apache Flink is one of the rising stars among the plethora of big data processing technologies available today. It's flexibility across batch and stream processing combined with simplicity of development has propelled it to the top of the big data pyramid where it competes with the likes of Apache Spark and Hadoop. Apache Flink is an essential skill today for any developer in the big data world. My name is Kumaran Ponnambalam. In this course, I will show you how to build batch data processing pipelines with Apache Flink. I will start off by showing you how to install and set up Apache Flink in various modes. Then, I will demonstrate how to use Apache Flink for data transformation and application operations. I will then help you use these skills in a use case project. We will use Java and IntelliJ IDEA for building the course exercises. Please refer to other related Flink courses for capabilities like stream…

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