Agile Software Development: Transforming Your Organization

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While numerous modern organizations are trying to transform themselves with agile software development, many don’t stick the landing. What does it take to successfully adopt and scale agile in an IT organization? In this course, Kelley O’Connell shares the essential ingredients to any successful agile transformation, highlighting specific, practical techniques along the way. To begin, she goes over the benefits of agile methods and some of the common problems that organizations encounter when trying to adopt these methods. Next, she explains how to draw in your internal customers, engage your external customers, and assess and prioritize customer requests. Plus, learn how to transform your team from the top down, modify existing IT silos, and leverage metrics to keep tabs on your progress.


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    Kelley O'Connell

    Kelley is an agile trainer, process innovator, and project manager, currently at CSG International.

    She is the operations portfolio director at CSG, but also a project and process innovator who is passionate about the ways in which people, process, and innovation come together to create business art. As a project/program manager and agilest for almost 20 years, Kelley knows how to creatively evaluate and translate unique situations into successful outcomes. She has been an agile trainer and coach and has led software development and operations teams through multimillion dollar initiatives.

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