5G Technology Strategy: Next-Generation Mobile Networking

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    Explore 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology for digital cellular networks. Instructor Ryan Spence offers a quick review of wireless networks, explaining the origins and the development path that led to the arrival of 5G. Learn about the requirements for 5G adoption, the role of the government in 5G availability, and market leaders in 5G capability. Plus, discover some of the advances enabled by 5G technology that can inform business strategy as 5G becomes available.


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  • Welcome to 5G

    - [Ryan] The future is coming at us faster than we can imagine. Wireless technology continues to accelerate its pace of change, and shows no sign of slowing down. Hi, I'm Ryan Spence, and I'll be your guide through this course on the Next Generation of Mobile Networking 5G. We will cover advancements in 5G, changes in the regulatory environments, and what to anticipate from the fields of artificial intelligence, and the internet of things in relation to 5G. We will consider the risks associated with these advancements, and experience the thrill of imagining where it will all go from here. Because I am based in the U.S. some of the information here will be relevant to U.S. listeners only, but we have tried our best to be considerate to a worldwide audience. Thanks for taking the time to join me as I discuss how 5G cellular technology is affecting the landscape of business and beyond.

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