6 “Mouth-Watering” Keto Cheesecake Recipes To Make At Home

Can’t help falling in love with eyes-grasping and mouth-watering cheesecakes? These six Keto cheesecake recipes would satisfy you. They do not only keep your low-carb diet on track but they also “indulge” your love for cheesecakes. Baked or chilled, made into bite-sized tarts or served full size, they all taste so good that can tantalize your taste buds right with the first try.

If you are a low-carb eater and want to make your meal more complete with a tasty dessert, you should get these six savory recipes for keto cheesecakes on hand. Even when you are just a cheesecake addict or have had a sweet tooth for years, these recipes are also worth saving.

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No Bake Cheesecake

Made with almond flour, low-carb sweetener, cinnamon and melted butter for the filling and grass-fed gelatin, cream cheese, vanilla extract, lemon extract and low-carb sweetener for the filling, this cheesecake is a perfect dessert of low-carb eaters. Find out its recipe here!

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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Tasty and packed with only 8 grams of carbs per serving (291 calories), keto pumpkin cheesecake is a preferred dessert of keto eaters and a beloved food of those non-keto like vegetarians and vegan. Find out is recipe here!

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Mini Cheesecake

Perhaps, we all have a crush for cute and tasty desserts even when we are not a dessert addict or have a sweet tooth. Keto mini cheesecake is one of these eye-catching and mouth-watering desserts. As a delicious mix of almond flour, butter, egg, lemon extract, granular Swerve and frozen blueberries, these cheesecakes not only savory but also friendly to a low-carb diet while containing only 6.5 grams of carbs for a serving of 233 calories. Find out its recipe here!

Keto-Mini-Cheesecake end

Lemon Cheesecake

Coming out only 5.8 grams of carb per a serving of 263 calories, made within only 30 minutes, and tasty enough to tease the taste buds, keto lemon cheesecakes is worth recommending in this list. Find out its recipe here!

Keto lemon cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

The cheesecake crust made with almond flour, butter and vanilla extract is filled with a delicious creamy mix of strawberries, erythritol, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla extract and fresh lemon juice. So good to serve at the end of the meal, right? Find out its recipe here!


Cheesecake Bites

Served into bite-sized pieces, these keto cheesecakes are not only friendly to your diet but they are also tasty enough to satisfy your appetite. Not just that, packed with only 176 calories per cheesecake, they can also be served to non low-carb eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Find out its recipe here!

Keto cheesecake bites

Here is our recommendation for 6 delicious keto cheesecake recipes. If you are seeking for a perfect dessert idea for a Friday night meal or small parties, give them a try.

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