20 Savory Keto Chicken Recipes To Tease Your Taste Buds

Rich in protein but low in carbohydrate and calorie compared to other red meats, chicken is the main ingredient in many diets, including low-carb and Keto. If you are looking for chicken dishes that are not only friendly to your low-carb diet but also tasty to tantalize your taste buds, you should get these 20 savory Keto chicken recipes on hand.

They might be easy-to-make or quite time-consuming but ends up with a delicious food that keeps track on your diet. Even if you are not a low-carb or Keto eater, you may still give these Keto 20 chicken recipes a try. You just need to watch your portion, a proper intake to satisfy your appetite is worth trying, right?

Chicken Casserole

Made with chicken thighs, heavy whipping cream, cheese and other ingredients, then baked in the oven for more than half an hour, Keto chicken casserole ends up with providing 675 calories and 6g net carbs per serving, making it a friendly food to low-carb diets.


Chicken Thighs

If you a chicken addict who are following a Keto diet, congratulations! The Keto chicken thigh recipe in this article not only keeps track on your diet (contains almost zero carbs) but also offers a good taste to make you fall in love right away.

keto chicken thigh

Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, lettuce and oregano – combination of the five become a healthy and delicious Keto chicken salad recipe. Having net carbohydrates, this chicken salad is without dispute a preferred food of low-carb eaters all over the world.

Keto chicken salad

Chicken Pizza Crust

Cheesy, crispy and almost zero carb, this keto chicken pizza crust recipe is perfect to add in the diet of low-carb and keto eaters. It allows you to follow your diet strictly and teases your taste buds at the same time.

keto chicken-crust-pizza end

Chicken Wings

The second Keto chicken recipe in the list is chicken wing recipe, a preferred food of Keto eaters and a beloved snack of chicken wing lovers. Can’t help trying it at home?  Follow our simple recipe for chicken wings.

Keto chicken wing end

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Looking for a something crunchy without all the carbs? Keto buffalo chicken dip recipe must be a perfect choice. As incredibly easy to make, it will be a great appetizer to serve at parties or gatherings where there’ a hungry crowd.

Keto_buffalo-chicken dip 2

Fried Chicken

Low in carb and gluten free, keto fried chicken recipe is one of tasty and simple-to-make chicken dishes worthy added in the cooking diary of keto and low-carb eaters. This crispy and crunchy chicken is made with boneless and skinless thigh meat that has been coated with almond flour and parmesan cheese, then fried until golden brown.

Keto fried chicken

Butter Chicken

Served alongside with cauliflower rice, the tasty and aromatic keto butter chicken recipe is a perfect dish to get on hand of Keto and low-carb eaters. Cooked in the way of an Indian curry, this butter chicken can definitely grasps eater’s attention at the first sight, then tantalize their taste buds, and finally, fill their stomach.

Keto Butter Chicken

Chicken Soup

It’s cold outside and you are finding something warm and comforting that keeps track on your Keto diet? This Keto chicken soup recipe will be definitely right up your street. Made with chicken, bone broth, butter and a variety of vegetables, this chicken soup will make you say “wow”.

Keto chicken soup

Chicken Breast

Stuffed with fresh spinach, parmesan cheese and cream cheese at the middle, the golden brown Keto chicken breast is perfect to a Friday night meal. As offers a good taste while keeping track on Keto diet, this chicken dish does not only satisfy the eating requirements of Keto eaters but also tantalizes their taste buds.

keto chicken breast

Chicken Parmesan

Paired with Parmesan cheese, a friendly cheese to diet, Keto chicken Parmesan recipe becomes an easy yet delicious food for dinner of low-carb and Keto eaters. Because this chicken dish provides only 333 calories per serving, it’s also great to tease the taste buds, then, fill the stomach of your family with it.


Chicken Pot Pie

Keto comfort foods that are tasty and easy to make? Keto chicken pot pie recipe is definitely worth mentioning. It’s not only a great food for low-carb and Keto eaters but also a “mouth-watering” main course of both kids and adults alike.

Keto chicken pot pie

Chicken Tenders

Along with Keto chicken thighs, chicken wings and chicken breast, Keto chicken tender recipe is one of 4 classic Keto chicken recipes worth adding in the cooking diary of Keto and low-carb eaters.

Keto chicken tenders

Cauliflower Chicken Alfredo

Served as the main ingredient in many diet foods like pizzas or dumplings, cauliflower is also paired with cheese to make the tasty Keto cauliflower chicken Alfredo. This chicken dish is not only friendly to a Keto diet but also acceptable to a healthy diet if consumed a proper amount

keto chicken alfredo feature

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Looking for a delightful Keto chicken dish that is cooked differently? The cheesy and creamy Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe is definitely worth mentioning. As a delicious mix of chicken, smoked ham, Swiss cheese and a creamy dijon sauce, this Keto chicken dish make you fall in love right away.

eto Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole end

Chicken Curry

A comfort food for chicken curry addicts who are following a low-carb diet? Keto chicken curry recipe must be a perfect choice. Made with chicken thighs, heavy cream and a number of vegetables and herbs, this chicken dish is tasty enough to satisfy the appetite of Keto eaters and chicken curry lovers.

Keto Chicken curry

Chicken Enchiladas

Made with the flavored low-carb enchilada sauce, chicken and cheese, Keto chicken enchiladas recipe is not only Keto-friendly but it is also delicious and easy to make. As provides only 349 calories per serving, this tasty Keto chicken may also be served to those who do not follow a low-carb diet.



Crack Chicken

Tasty, low in carbs and time-consuming are three adjectives describing the recipe for Keto crack chicken. It’s a mix of chicken broth, chicken breasts, bacon, cheeses (cream and cheddar) and Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, so can definitely keep track on the diet of low-carb and Keto eaters.

Keto crack chicken

Chicken Stir Fry

Other chicken classic cooking style that chicken addicts and low-carb eaters should get on hand is Keto chicken stir-fry recipe. The reason is simple: it’s Keto-friendly, delicious and easy to make.

Keto chicken stir-fry

Instant Pot Chicken

Toss all ingredients in the instant pot, do your stuffs, then come back to it 30 minutes later, you will have a tasty Keto instant pot chicken for dinner. It is such a comfort food during busy days or relaxing weekend.

Keto instant creack pot chicken end

The above is 20 Keto chicken recipes you should get on hand. As a homemade food is much healthier and easy to satisfy your taste than that ordered outside, why don’t you serve them right at your kitchen?

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